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Product Categories

  • Life Sciences

    A complete line of equipment for the life sciences area. From start-up to existing labs and cell culture to production labs, we have the ability to provide you quality products to continue your work.
  • Clinical Equipment

    Get premium, cost-efficient Clinical Equipment directly from MG Lab Solutions Inc.! We supply an extensive range of high-quality Medical Lab Equipment to help ensure that clinicians can provide excellent patient care. Browse through our available Vaccine Cold Storage solutions, Vaccine Temperature Monitoring Equipment, Centrifuges, Laminar Flow Products, Fume Hoods and Casework, CO2 Incubators, Non-CO2 Incubators, Miele Glassware Washers, Tuttnauer Steam Sterilizers, Clinical Plasticware and Disposables, and Nitrile and Latex Laboratory Exam Gloves.
  • Cold Storage Products

    MG Lab Solutions Inc. offers an extensive range of Cold Storage Equipment options to meet any and all of your laboratory needs. Choose from Temperature Monitoring Systems, Refrigerators, -20/-30°C freezers, Ultra Low Freezers, Liquid Nitrogen Freezers, and PPE products and accessories.
  • Industrial

    Industrial laboratories are vital to various fields and markets such as water treatment, automotive, semiconductor, textile, chemical and paper. Let us provide you with the highest quality Industrial Laboratory Equipment to ensure maximum user and environmental protection. We supply Industrial Laminar Flow Products, Fume Hoods and Casework, Miele Glassware Washers, and Tuttnauer Steam Sterilizers.
  • Freezer Racks & Lab Essentials

    MG Lab Solutions Inc. supplies Freezer Racks & Lab Essentials to keep your laboratory well-stocked and ready to take on even the most rigorous laboratory research work. We provide Freezer Storage Boxes and Containers, Nitrile Laboratory Exam Gloves, Balances and Scales, and Plasticware and Disposables. Stay prepared, purchase your laboratory accessories today.

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